Travel Programs

The Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture offers multiple opportunities for off campus study and travel for students.


MLA Program Travel

Travel opportunities are integrated into the studio coursework throughout the undergraduate degree. The class will travel together to the following locations:

  • Second Year: Minneapolis, Minnesota + Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Third Year: Chicago, Illinois
  • Fourth Year: New York City, New York
  • Fifth Year: Graduate students are encouraged to travel independently during the fifth year. This travel opportunity will allow the student to study and experience the site of his or her’s thesis project.  


Term Abroad Program

The Term Abroad Program is designed to provide students with a full semester of studying abroad, under the direction of one or more NDSU faculty, hosted by an in-country organization (i. e., with a home base for study).Since 2014, Professor Paul Gleye has led a group of 17 to 24 NDSU students to Brussels, Belgium for spring semester, and in exchange the Catholic University of Louvain has sent from one to three Belgian students to NDSU. In addition to the workshop and lectures offered to NDSU term abroad students by our partner school in Brussels, the NDSU term abroad semester comprises three courses: 

1) An urban design studio, whereby the NDSU term abroad students address an urban design issue in Brussels. 

2) A graduate seminar comprising field trips to major European cities, with assignment asking the students to reflect on their experiences through a series of videos and other presentations. 

3) A second graduate seminar comprising a series of assignments relating to the question of “What can the United States learn from Europe, and what can Europe learn from the United States,” both in terms of architecture and urban design, and in broader questions of quality of life. 


Independent International Study (ISEP Exchange Programs) 

NDSU maintains standing agreements with several international universities as part of an active ISEP arrangement administered through the Office of International Students and Study Abroad Services. Other programs can sometimes be arranged based on individual student interest. Within the past 20 years, NDSU architecture students have successfully completed international exchange studies in Australia, Thailand, China, India, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

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