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Laptop Requirements & Software Information for Interior Design Students

A laptop computer is required when students begin the first year of the interior design program. Please see the link for specific hardware and software information. Software information will be e-mailed to students registered in fall introductory courses. A printer and digital camera are highly recommended.

Interior Design 2023/2024 Computer Requirements

Click this link to order your computer through NDSU Bookstore

If you are having difficulty downloading software or need assistance go to the ITS Help Desk, Quentin Burdick Building, Room 150.

NDSU ITS Help Desk available hours ⇒


Technology Resources

The NDSU Learning and Applied Innovation Centers (LAIC) provides workshops, and helps students explore various media technologies, and answer any questions about Adobe Creative Cloud and any of the Adobe Creative Cloud software applications, i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro DC.

Explore NDSU Learning and Applied Innovation Center (LAIC)→


There are several helpful websites and video tutorials available to students:

View Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Videos→

View Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Videos→

View SketchUp Tutorial Videos→

View SketchUp Help Website→



Design Software


Student price: all applications $19.99/month for the first year, $29.99/month after the first year.


List of the applications:

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Adobe XD
  • After Effects
  • Acrobat Pro
  • Fresco
  • Premiere Pro
  • Dreamweaver
  • Audition
  • View all Products


Enscape for student is $149 per year. 

Get Enscape student license→



All software is free for student for three years.


List of the applications:


Free for students

Download Lumion→


Purchase Rhinoceros 6→



FAQ for Architecture Students

Q: When should I purchase a computer? 

A: Students who have been admitted to the professional program, starting in the 2nd year, will receive a specification for a laptop purchase in July before the start of the school year. Students will want to have their computer ready for use at the start of the fall semester. The specification information includes recommendations for laptops at various price points, as well as software that students are required to buy or download. We ask that students defer this laptop purchase until they know that they have been admitted to the professional program, as the specification is for a higher-performance laptop than what would be required for general use or other majors.


Q: When should I register for graduate school?

A: Students have the option of taking graduate seminars in their fourth year in the program, or of deferring all graduate classes until their fifth year. Here is a suggested timetable for graduate school application, based on when a student wants to start taking graduate classes (students will receive reminders from our Department Advisor on when application should be made). Depending on when a student starts taking graduate classes, there may be a tuition-impact:

When to register for graduate school
First graduate class by semester   When to apply to the Graduate School
Fall of 4th yearMarch 1 of the 3rd year
Spring of 4th year October 1 of the 4th year
Fall of the 5th yearMarch 1 of the 4th year


Q: When should I decide on my Thesis topic? 

A: Students will be encouraged to think about this Thesis topic, site, and research question during the 4th year, so that the summer might be used to make a site visit (students are required to make an in-person visit to their Thesis site). Thesis research documentation and final decision-making occurs during the fall of the 5th year.


Q: What are some ideas of electives or fun classes that I can take?

A: Art classes such as Painting 1, Intro to Ceramics and Photography, World Religions, , Intro to Marketing, Welding, music classes such as Choir or Band, activity classes such as Yoga, Ballroom Dancing, or Billiards


Q: When should I start applying for internships? 

A: It’s not too early to think about internships after the 2nd year in the program, but typically most students start to seek internships during the summer after the 3rd year. Internships are recommended but not required – what’s most important is that future employers see that you have a work history of some type.


Q: What should I include in an internship application? 

A: Students should always have an up-to-date resume – you never know when an employment opportunity might present itself. Additionally, you will want to prepare a cover letter, referencing why you are interested in the particular firm/position for which you are applying. You should also prepare a “mini-portfolio” of 1-2 pages of images of your best work, and most of our students at some point also prepare an online portfolio, linked in their resume. You will want to link these pieces graphically, so that they are a seamless application package.


Q: Where are places/event that will help me network?

A: NDSU, the Department of Architecture, the Advisory Board, and student organizations within the department organize many events that connect students with professional architects:

Fall Semester:

Firm Crawl 

Career Fair 

Pizza Summit

ND AIA Convention

Green Build

AIAS Grassroots Student Convention

USGBC Student Convention

NOMAS Student Convention


Spring Semester:

Beaux Arts

Career Fair

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