Located in the basement of Renaissance Hall, the woodshop is staffed by two skilled technicians and contains a variety of hand and power tools. Available tools include table saws, chop saws, drill press, band saw, planer, a lathe, as well as many other woodworking tools. The shop also has a small selection of tools for working in metal and other materials.

Safety is a top priority in the woodshop, which is demonstrated in the shop's outstanding safety record. To uphold these standards, shop technicians regularly provide safety-aware education and instruction to all new and continuing students. Students are required to use proper personal protective equipment when operating the machines. Most machines feature multiple safety mechanisms to protect students. For example, each table saw is equipped with a saw stop that automatically shuts down the blade if it comes into contact with human skin. Despite these safety mechanisms, students are still expected to follow all safety protocols before and while using shop tools.

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