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Schools of architecture and landscape architecture have policies that describes the culture of the design studio and the expectations of students and faculty involved in studio based education. These policies are based on the fundamental values of optimism, respect, sharing, engagement, and innovation between and among the members of its faculty, student body, administration and staff, in the studio environment, but also all other learning environments, both traditional and non-traditional.

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Student organizations in the Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at NDSU provide opportunities for students to engage in creative, educational, service, and social experiences, and gain leadership skills, while networking with each other, their professions, and the community.

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We’re thrilled to announce the beginning of our official mentorship program for NDSU architecture students. This program will pair a student with an alumnus, creating an information sharing network for discussion and learning. Our goal is to enable a comfortable, accessible, and helpful communication channel for the mentorship enabling students to have an inside view of the industry and how to develop and navigate their career in architecture.

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NDSU’s Architecture Alumni Network is an engaged and dynamic community intrested in supporting each other throughout their careers. We encourage all graduates to join our Alumni Network. Click on the following links to find ways to stay connected.

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