Bachelor of Science in Architecture

The pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architecture Degree traditionally takes place over the course of four years. Below is an overview of major goals and milestones by year. 

Year 1: Students spend their first year developing an understanding of how designers make decisions and how architecture and landscape architecture determine the built environment via lectures, assigned readings and design-related projects. At the end of year one, students are selected, based on their GPA and performance in first-year environmental design courses, for admittance to year two of the program. 

Year 2: Year two marks the beginning of intense architectural design studio work that lays the foundation for successfully completing a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. All classroom learning gets directly applied in the studio through individual and group projects. Students must buy a laptop by spring semester of their second year. 

Year 3: The third-year curriculum focuses on technical aspects of architecture and students are expected to apply these concepts in their studio projects. Students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 after completion of the third year may apply to the graduate school for pursuing a Master’s of Architecture degree.

Year 4: Students develop their Bachelor degree's capstone project and may begin graduate-level coursework during the fourth year. Architectural knowledge, ability, and self-reliance reach their peak as students approach graduation.



1st Year
ENVD 101    Intro to Environment Design3     ENVD 104Env. Design Fundamentals     1   
ENVD 102Drawing Basics for Env. Designers     1ENVD 172Env. Design Fund. Studio3
ENVD 130Drawing Skills for Env. Designers3ENGL 120College Composition II*3
ARCH 321History/Theory of Architecture I 3COMM 110      Public Speaking*3
ENGL 110College Composition * 3ARCH 322   History/Theory of Architecture II
Science/Tech. Science/Tech Gen. Ed.*3QR Quantitative Reasoning* 3
Wellness Wellness General Ed* 2



2nd Year
ARCH 271  Architectural Design I6     ARCH 272     Architectural Design II 6
ARCH 231  Architectural Drawing3ARCH 232  Design Technology3    
ARCH 233  Math for Designers1ARCH 344  Structures 13
PHYS 120    Intro to Physics *3PSYCH 111 Introduction to Psychology* .    3
ARCH 323  History/Theory of Arch. III .          PHIL  Philosophy elective*3    



3rd Year
ARCH 371  Architectural Design III                  6     ARCH 372     Architectural Design IV6
ARCH 341  Site Design for Architects3ARCH 450  Architectural Detailing3    
ARCH 351  Materials and Construction    4ARCH 454  ECS II (Active Systems)3
ARCH 453    ECS I (Passive Principles)3ARCH 461 Urban Design    3
Science/Tech.    Science Laboratory*         ENGL 326 Writing for Design Professions* 3    
or ENGL 357Visual Language and Culture



4th Year
ARCH 471  Architectural Design V                  6     ARCH 472     Architectural Design VI6
ARCH 443 Advanced Structures3or ARCH 474  International Design Studio    
ANTH 111  Introduction to Anthropology     3SOC 110   Introduction to Sociology*3
Science/Tech.    Science/Tech Gen. Ed.*         Elective*3    
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