Research Center for Design Computing (RCDC) Labs

There are two RCDC labs, one in Renaissance Hall and the other in Klai Hall. These labs are exclusively dedicated to supporting architecture and landscape architecture students during their education. Each of these labs consist of 30-40 computers that are updated annually with the latest technology. As design technology and computing continue to play a larger and larger role in design education, access to these types of labs are vital to students' success. Each computer features a wide variety of design software including the lastest versions of AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, Rhino, and Adobe Design Suite as well as other proprietary software applications.

Also, each lab has 3D Visualizing and 3D Animation capabilities. Students can send their 3Ds Max renderings to a Render Server that with the capacity to quickly render their work. (Each Render Server is equipped with two 2.0 GHz six core Intel Xeon processors and 32 GB of RAM, for a total of 24 cores of rendering power.) In addition, Klai Hall's RCDC lab has 3D printers available. (Renaissance Hall's 3D printing lab is on the 4th floor). This lab contains two dedicated computers with the necessary software to enable 3D printing as well as six Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printers. Each of these 3D printers has a build volume of 410 cubic inches a layer with a resolution of up to 100 microns and prints with a PLA filament. Currently, students can print for free using department provided filament. However, for larger print jobs, students will need to provide their own filament.

Finally, the labs also offer plotting and printing resources. Each lab is equipped with free black and white printing. Students will also find two large format plotters, but will need to provide their own paper for plotting. In addition, Renaissance Hall has a 24-hour access IT Support Computer Cluster equipped with both black and white and color printing. Students can print at the cluster using the GoPrint program.

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