Muslim Student Association

The MSA seeks to familiarize the campus and larger community about the Islamic culture and thought by sharing the spirit of Islam with Muslims and non-Muslims. This organization will also provide Islamic liturgical services for the students of NDSU and other interested parties. We seek to promote a sense of community among Muslims on campus by encouraging adherence to Islamic ideals.  We hold charity events and zakat - raising money to donate to organizations and service events for the community. Every Friday MSA organizes on campus Jummah prayer in Memorial union.  The MSA also works in collaboration with the Fargo Mosque to organize Islamic study sessions and scholarly talks at NDSU as well as in the mosque.

Please feel free to contact any of the members below for more information:

Advisor – Shafiqur Rahman; President – Ademola Hammed; VP – MD Zahirul Islam; Treasurer – H M Nasrullah Faisal

For more information:


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