COMM 313 syllabus fall 2018 (pdf).
Comm 313 summer session (online) 2019 syllabus.
Comm 313 syllabus fall 2020 (pdf)
COMM 313, Editorial Processes

Instructor: Ross F. Collins, Professor of Communication, North Dakota State University, Fargo

Class resources

Reader. Begin with the warmup video, "The Drama of Editing." You know it's important. But is editing dramatic?

Ross's big 5. Introductory grammar video: "Ross's Big 5." Learn grammar in a (virtual) outdoor classroom.

Grammar walks into a bar Poster: Grammar Walks into a Bar....

logic commandments Poster: The 10 Commandments of Logic.

Weird ways of news Weird Ways of News: an online textbook.

Lecture synopses.
PowerPoint presentations.




Copy editing:

Ross's Best of AP Style (updated spring 2019).

Sneaky word list.

Proofreader's marks (PDF file).


Design and makeup:

Other features

New! English: the packrat's dream. Ross's five top controversies of English grammar.

10 Common Typographic pitfalls
Includes keystroke combinations for quote, dash, and other substitutions.

Midterm exam review.

Summer session final exam review.

Regular session final exam review.

"A Few Rules."

Need a pagination demo by video podcast? Check out Ross's InDesign videos. Choose from the five-minute tutorials linked to Reading 18 above.

How they used to look: famous mass media, 1674-1974.

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