Christina D. Weber, Ph.D.

Department Chair of Sociology and Anthropology
Professor of Sociology

Office: Minard Hall 428D4
Telephone: 701.231.8928

Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Publications

  • (2010). “Literary Fiction as a Tool for Teaching Social Theory and Critical Consciousness.” Teaching Sociology, 38(4), xx-xx. (October 2010, in press)
  • (2010). “‘Awkward Anxiety’: Ambivalent Expressions of Masculine Subjectivity.” Cultural Studies ó Critical Methodologies, 10(4), 337-346.
  • (2009). “Methodological Approaches to Studying the Social Monad: A Consideration of Interdisciplinary Sociological Research.” Reconstruction:Studies in Contemporary Culture, 9(1),
  • (2008). “Navigating Gender Boundaries Inside and Outside the Wire: A Qualitative Analysis of U.S. Women Veterans of Vietnam and Iraq.” Minerva Journal of Women and War, 2(2), 8-25.
  • (2008). “Conceptualizing the Embodied Front:  An Analysis of Born on the Fourth of July.” Interculture: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 5(1), 33-42.
  • (2003). “Reading Lives as a Palimpsest:  A Reconsideration of the Interpretation Process.” Proteus, October.


Refereed Book Chapter

  • (2010). “Interroger la monade à travers Tout est Illuminé de Jonathan Safran Foer. [“Interrogating the Social Monad Through Jonathan Safran Foer’s, Everything is Illuminated”].  In Florent Gaudez (Ed.), La Connaissance du Texte:Approches socio-anthropologiques de la construction fictionnelle (volume 1) (PAGES). Paris: L’Harmattan.
  • Ph.D., State University of New York (Buffalo), 2005
  • M.S., SUNY-University of Buffalo, 2001
  • B.A., University of Washington, 1999
Research and Teaching Specializations


Dr. Weber is working on an historical ethnographic study on how photography and visual ethnography impacted and shaped historical understanding of the Great Depression. Her work with women and the dustbowl is an extension of this project and emphasizes her interests in the sociology of memory and trauma.  She has applied for an NEH grant and an American Foundation for Suicide Prevention grant, both of which expand on her interests in how war and trauma impact veterans and their families (and is the theme of her book,  Social Memory and War Narratives: Transmitted Trauma among Children of Vietnam Veterans, which was published by Palgrave Press).

Dr. Weber also works extensively in the area of mentoring, training students and junior faculty in the college of AHSS in a variety of ways.  She works closely with sociology masters students, mentoring them through their theses (four of her students earned their masters degree this calendar year). She established a mentoring group for pre-tenure faculty in her department to support their tenure progress.  As Associate Dean of Faculty Development in AHSS, she has developed and facilitated mentoring programs for first through third year faculty, pre-tenure mentoring panels, and a college development day.

Honors and Awards
  • NDSU's Odney Award for Excellence in Teaching. 2009
  • NDSU's Tapestry of Diverse Talents, 2008
Courses taught:

Graduate Sociology Courses

  • Social Theory (SOC 723)
  • Social Change (SOC 639)
  • Sociology of Culture (SOC 625)
  • Feminist Theory and Discourse (SOC 624)
  • Development of Social Theory (SOC 622)
  • Sociology of Sex Roles (SOC 612)
  • Social Inequality (SOC 610)


Undergraduate Sociology Courses

  • Senior Capstone (SOC 489)
  • Social Change (SOC 439)
  • Sociology of Culture (SOC 425)
  • Feminist Theory and Discourse (SOC 424)
  • Development of Social Theory (SOC 422)
  • Sociology of Sex Roles (SOC 412)
  • Social Inequality (SOC 410)
  • Service Seminar (SOC 379)
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