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Graphic Design, Studio Art, Art Education, Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design

We are an energetic program that is growing and meeting the needs of students and the community focused on Design, Art and Art Education. We are accredited by NASAD in these areas which ensures that contemporary practice and planning for the future of the program is at the forefront of our program.  We are continually updating and enhancing the educational environment through cutting edge facilities, new program initiatives and travel opportunities for students. 

In a complex world, with interconnected economies, the artist and designer is at the forefront of innovation.  Our faculty and staff is dedicated in working individually with students to take the next step in their careers.   

It all starts here. 




Meet the Director of School of Design, Architecture & Arts, Michael Strand



Michael Strand

Director and Professor of School of Design, Architecture & Arts 

Everything starts with a line. 

… Your favorite app on your phone, what you wear, what you drive, where you live, how you are entertained, etc…. all begins with an designer/artist moving an idea to reality.  

Art and Design is literally EVERYWHERE!  Getting from here to there…We work with students individually to design a program that fits their interest and abilities with the goal of having a successful “next step” in place after graduation. From Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertising Design, Studio Practice and Art Education there is a place for your talents in the world and we will help you get there! 

At NDSU Visual Arts you will be challenged in an inspiring learning environment with welcoming faculty and the best and brightest facilities in the region.  You will learn things you never imagined and will spend long nights in the studio - because you HAVE to get something just right! You will be left with fond memories of studio friends, visiting artists and committed teachers who are part of your community as you move into the world as an Designer/Artist.










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