Digital Design Studio

Our new $200,000 digital studio supports work across Graphic Design, Photography and Digital Arts. With dedicated high-end monitors and tablets, students plug and play into state-of-the-art output and input technologies. Several Surface Pro large scale tablets accompany the core studio for immersive processes. Our extensive printing output capability with more than a dozen printers, large and small scale, provides a seamless production process across disciplines.



Canon and Epson Printers

The Digital Lab has 8 Epson P800 printers, 3 large format printers and 1 laser printer available to students.  Photographers, Illustrators or Graphic Designers have access to professional tools for any small, medium, or large format printing needs.

Surface Studio Desktops

The Microsoft Surface Studios in the lab offers an unmatched digital experience. Blazing graphics, vibrant color, and an innovative, adjustable 28” display.


Our scanners will give you maximum resolution whether you are scanning artwork, reference photos, or 35mm negatives.

Wacom Drawing Tablets

Students will love drawing on the intuitive Wacom Cintiq tablets we have available in the Digital Lab!  Vibrant color, HD clarity and pressure sensitive pens allow for a super-responsive digital drawing experience that will help achieve your vision.  Whether it’s photo editing, digital painting, or graphic design, the Digital Lab has the best selection of digital drawing tools in the region!

Graphic Design Monitors

Over 30 professional graphic design monitors for you connect your laptop to are available to all students.  Maximize your digital artspace with both 4K and 1080p options.

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