4-H Camp Strengthens North Dakota’s Future

North Dakota 4-H Camps provide youth ages 8 to 18 with an opportunity to learn new skills while having fun. The modern camp is on 80 acres nestled in the Cottonwoods along the Missouri River near Washburn, N.D.  

“4-H Camp has been committed to providing a safe environment where youth master new skills, and gain independence and confidence for more than 50 years,” says Karla Meikle, NDSU Extension’s 4-H youth development agent in Morton County. 4-H is an NDSU Extension program.  

“All four of my kids attended 4-H Camp which provided numerous opportunities to use communication tools and practice leadership,” says Becky Peterson, a N.D. 4-H Foundation Board member from Mandan.  

The Peterson kids attribute their 4-H experiences and 4-H Camp to their personal growth, education and career direction. Thomas is an agricultural engineer for John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa. Daniel is a salesman for Tom James in Boston. Hannah will graduate in Extension education this spring from NDSU, and Samuel is a sophomore in finance and math at NDSU.  

“4-H and 4-H Camp showed me my future degree and career path while providing amazing experiences,” says Hannah. “Because of 4-H, I have an interest in becoming a 4-H Youth Development agent in North Dakota.”  

“My camp experiences provided opportunities to learn things I was passionate about and have success in later events due to what I learned at camp,” says Samuel.  

“Camp was the place where I learned a lot about myself, my leadership style, and how I work with coworkers and customers,” says Thomas. 

“There were ample opportunities to help, go above and beyond, take responsibility, trust your coworkers, adapt, communicate, plan, teach, fail, learn and work with all types of people. Many of those experiences have shaped how I do my job every day.” 


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Leigh Ann Skurupey, 701-231-6658, LeighAnn.Skurupey@ndsu.edu  

Karla Meikle, 701-667-3340, karla.meikle@ndsu.edu

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