Grand Forks 2023 Harvest Bowl Honorees

2023 Harvest Bowl Celebrates County Agriculturists

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The success, dedication and hard work of outstanding agriculturists in 53 counties in North Dakota and eight counties in Minnesota were honored during the 49th annual Harvest Bowl program at North Dakota State University on November 10th, 2023. Congratulations to Daniel and Sheri Sletten as Grand Forks County Outstanding Agriculturalists at this year's Harvest Bowl.  Daniel and Sheri are third-generation grain farmers. Daniel was not raised in the farming community, but he always worked closely with agriculture. They raise small grain crops, wheat, corn and soybeans. They use conventional to minimum tillage and try to invest in new technology and better ways of farming to improve yield. Daniel is a member of his local church council, township board and elevator board, and is active in a variety of school activities and coaches youth sports. Sheri volunteers with the golf course board, is a church youth group leader and is the local 3-on-3 basketball coordinator. Sheri is also a retired school teacher.