Most of North Dakota is experiencing a severe drought. NDSU Agriculture has assembled important resources for dealing with the drought. Access them now. 

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Livestock Water Quality Likely to be Impacted by Drought

Information about livestock water quality and drought

Ranchers Should Consider Water Supply in Drought Plan

Information about water supply during a drought

Drought Related Livestock Poisoning by Weeds

Drought Related Livestock Poisoning by Weeds

Drought Increases Cyanobacterial Poisoning Risk to Livestock

An algae bloom in Walsh County has tested positive for toxic cyanobacteria production.
Livestock Publications
This report has several short research reports from researchers conducting research on beef cattle and sheep and associated topics. the target audience is people associated with the beef and sheep industries in North Dakota and elsewhere.
This publication focuses on items a cow-calf operator should consider before choosing a feedlot to custom feed cattle. Custom feeding refers to the practice of sending calves, stockers or yearlings to a commercial feed yard for feeding to…
The focus of this publication is to highlight alternative practices for consideration as an alternative to winter animal confinement in a feedlot. Advantages and disadvantages are highlighted based on available research.
The purpose of this publication is to provide annual forage options that can be used in cover crop mixtures for livestock grazing and/or hay production. The use of cover crops in a cropping rotation has been resurrected in recent years due…
Successful beef production begins with good records. CHAPS™ (Cow Herd Appraisal Performance Software) is a web-based recordkeeping and analysis application for cow-calf operations. CHAPS™ can help producers track inventories, evaluate cow…
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