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Floodwaters are threatening this barnes county farm structure


NDSU Extension develops and updates resources to help you prepare for and recover from flooding. Contact your NDSU Extension county office if you have questions or want additional information.

Learn more about dealing with farm & ranch stress

Flood Forecast

from the National Weather Service

Eastern ND

Western ND

Travel Information

Both overland and riverine flooding can lead to road closure, stay updated on current road condition:

  • State Highways: or the ND Roads App.
  • County Roads: contact your local emergency manager or sheriff’s office.
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A man kneels beside a sump pump hole in the floor of a basement.

Preparing Your Home for Flooding

Information about protecting your home from and preparing your home for flooding.
Flood waters covering a filed of long brown grass. Tall brown and green grass are in the foreground. There is a row of trees and a bright blue sky in the background.

Preparing For Flooding in Rural Areas

A checklist of things to do to protect your home, buildings, livestock, feed, and grain from flooding.
A black sump pump sits at the bottom of a hole lined with black corrugated plastic. Black electrical wires lead to the pump which is connected to white PVC pipes leading up out of the hole.

Sump Pumps

Information, videos, and other resources about sump pumps.
Four people in winter coats and hats work to fill white bags with sand and stack them into a dike. in front of a red house and a tan house.


Information on filling sandbags and building an effective sandbag dike.
Producers need to make plans for moving feed and livestock to higher ground before flooding this spring

Dealing With Flooding on Your Farm or Ranch

Information on dealing with the impact of flooding on your farm/ranch operation.
Aerieal view of a neighborhood overwhelmed by floodwaters
Photo Credit:
The National Guard, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Dealing With Flooding at Your Home

Information on how to deal with flooding in and around your home.
boy and girl standing together

Flooding and Your Family

Family help during flood
Flood Publications
Natural disasters such as floods are stressful events for families. Evacuating their home is obviously stressful for children. Plan ahead by packing a disaster supplies kit for each of your children to grab if your family has to evacuate…
The proper way to fill sandbags is shown in this publication.
This publication is for farmers and ranchers affected by flooding.
A water table above the basement floor causes water to continually seek ways to enter the basement. This publication touches on what happens when that occurs and what can be done to prevent it from happening.
Wood submerged in water will absorb a large amount of water. Rebuilding too quickly after a flood can cause continuing problems such as mold growth, insect infestations and deterioration of the wood and wall coverings.
Flooding periodically happens in North Dakota. Post-flooding management decisions can help or harm trees and shrubs on their road to recovery. A list of flood-tolerant trees/shrubs, and a list of flood-sensitive trees/shrubs, are provided.
Exposure to mold is common both inside and outside the home, but some people are more sensitive to mold than others, especially those with allergies and asthma. Mold exposure may cause cold-like symptoms, watery eyes, sore throat, wheezing…
Prepare early. For homes in areas of the country prone to flooding or heavy rain, taking a few steps to prepare for water levels that could result in sewage backing up into a home makes sense.
If you do not plan to rebuild your flood-damaged home until next year, you must prepare it for winter.
Exposure to mold can cause cold-like symptoms, respiratory problems, nasal and sinus congestion, watery eyes, sore throat, coughing and skin irritations, and can easily be breathed deeply into the lungs, it is not safe to live in houses…
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