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haybale in front of a sunflower field with windmills on either side

FeedList brings together buyers and sellers who have or need feedstuffs (hay, pasture, corn, etc.). The site also may used to donate or receive donations. There is no charge to post entries. You can also browse feed for sale by region.

News Release Feb. 2, 2022: Considerations When Purchasing Feed Outside Your Region

To list feedstuffs you want to purchase or receive, or have to sell or donate:

  • Complete this online form. Your entries will be reviewed and added to the public FeedList within 24 hours.
  • All entries automatically are deleted after 90 days.
  • If your product is sold or donated, or your need is gone before 90 days, please contact the Feedlist coordinator so the information can be deleted.
  • NDSU Extension staff may submit entries by logging into the Ag Info Center. These entries immediately are uploaded without going through additional approval.
  • Buyers and sellers/donors may contact their NDSU Extension Service county office with questions or for entry help.

Additional resources for forage and feedstuff donating, buying or selling, including transportation, are:

NDSU makes no warranties, express or implied as to merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the products or services listed for sale through this website. Users are responsible for their own financial arrangements and NDSU makes no representation as to the reliability or financial responsibility of any party listed herein. This site is offered as a public service to agriculture.