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Farm Management

Al older farmer sits in the cab for a green tractor looking back at the camera. He has a thick, gray mustache and is wearing a tan cap and a blue plaid shirt.


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Crop Insurance Conference 2022

Monday January 24, 2022
Holiday Inn, Fargo, ND

Join us to learn more about integrating crop insurance products with other risk management tools, understanding major issues facing the
crop insurance industry, and being aware of new risk management products.

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rows of dry bean plants

Crop Economics

Information about crop economics and marketing for North Dakota growers.
cows lined up with snow falling

Livestock Economics

Market reports, budgets, and other resources for buying and selling livestock.
combine harvesting barley

2020 North Dakota Custom Rates

Custom work rates for harvesting, drying and hauling crops, seed preparation, hauling hay and livestock, and other custom work for fall operations in North Dakota.

N.D. County Rents & Prices

A brief description of and link to the North Dakota County Rents & Prices Survey