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NDSU Extension Pesticide Certification Program

The NDSU Extension Pesticide Certification Program Pesticide helps North Dakotans get the certification required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for selling, purchasing or using restricted-use pesticides. The program is offered to private applicators such as farmers, gardeners and landowners, or anyone wanting to use restricted-use pesticides, and commercial or public applicators and dealers.

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Dicamba: Considerations for Dicamba Alternatives (06/11/20)

Last week, we submitted a supplemental article to Crop and Pest Report that outlines some of the best alternative herbicide options for difficult-to-control weeds in the case where dicamba cannot be applied to Xtend soybeans. We have received further clarification on the ability to use approved dicamba products, but there may still be the need for alternative products on some of these acres. There are a few points I would like to address in more detail for these products.

Tank Cleanout Procedures (06/18/20)

June is the month when crops and weeds are actively growing. For private and commercial applicators, the month of June involves controlling weeds in multiple crops, often at the same time.