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Common Ragweed in Sugarbeet


This page was adapted from the article, "Common Ragweed in Sugarbeet" which appeared in Crop & Pest Report on June 2, 2022. 

Common ragweed is frequently observed in sugarbeet fields. Common ragweed can be a serious production challenge in multiple crops including sugarbeet if not properly managed.

Our ‘go-to’ program for common ragweed control in sugarbeet is Stinger HL (clopyralid). Stinger HL is mixed with glyphosate and non-ionic surfactant and ammonium sulfate for common ragweed control or Stinger HL mixed with glyphosate, a chloroacetamide herbicide and ethofumesate plus ammonium sulfate and high surfactant methylate seed oil (HSMOC) for common ragweed and waterhemp control.

Two considerations. First, make sure you are accounting for the appropriate clopyralid formulation as there is Stinger and Stinger HL. Second, don’t skimp on the Stinger rate. We have observed excellent sugarbeet safety for years with clopyralid, especially on small sugarbeet. We recommend Stinger at 3 to 4 fl oz/A (Stinger HL at 1.8 to 2.4 fl oz) on common ragweed less than 2-inch tall (or wide). Plan for a repeat application after 14 days if common ragweed is greater than 2-inch or if Stinger is applied at 3 fl oz/A (Stinger HL at 1.8 fl oz) rate.