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Crop Economics

rows of dry bean plants
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Agricultural Market Situation and Outlook Webinar

North Dakota State University (NDSU) Extension’s monthly webinar on agricultural markets will continue in 2022.The series targets farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses and others who want to know more about current and expected market conditions and their impact on North Dakota’s economy.

Agriculture By the Numbers

Agriculture by the Numbers is a monthly publication on current issues facing the region's agricultural economy edited by Bryon Parman, Agricultural Finance Specialist with NDSU Extension.

Plotting a Course 2024 - Planning Prices (EC1090, Revised Jan. 2024)

Short-term and long-term agricultural planning prices for North Dakota 2024.

Projected Crop Budgets

Projected crop budgets prepared by region for North Dakota. Budgets are available as an editable Excel file or a PDF.
Economics and Marketing Publications
Working in agriculture brings its own set of unique experiences and stresses. The Managing Rural Stress Model allows you to use a reflective approach and explore multiple steps in dealing with stress concerns. This publication is part of a…
This report presents organized and structured information on corn production indicators across geographical space and through time.
Trends and the descriptive statistics are useful to producers in identifying variations in demand for corn and its products. For decision makers, this information is helpful in the development of risk management tools for potential export…
All of us cope with the stresses and challenges of life daily. When it comes to farm/ranch stress finding tools that will help us manage stress is needed to help make decisions. This publication is part of a series called Managing Stress…
Building a strong support and resource system for you and your family will come in handy during a time of need or concern. Make a list of the family, friends, neighbors, agencies and organizations that can help you and give you advice.…
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