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Irrigation, Tiling, Drainage

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Effective irrigation is not possible without a reliable water source. In North Dakota, the availability of relatively shallow aquifers with high-quality water has spurred the development of irrigation in many areas. Irrigation wells must…
This publication is intended as a first step to help current and prospective irrigators understand the principles behind the irrigability of soils in North Dakota. This publication lists all the soils in the state with relevant properties…
A research report from Langdon REC that evaluated the success of tiling on sodic or saline-sodic soils prior to starting salinity or sodicity remediation, the relationship between varying groundwater depths and resulting soil salt and…
The presence of salts and high water tables in North Dakota soils due to an extended climactic wet cycle recently has stimulated interest in the installation of tile drainage systems. The tile controls the water table and encourages the…
Installation of subsurface (tile) drainage systems in the upper Great Plains, especially the Red River of the North valley, has increased since the late 1990s. A wet climate cycle, along with increased crop prices and land values, are the…
This publication lists the funding sources that may be used by irrigators and irrigation districts.
The heart of most irrigation systems is a pump. To make an irrigation system as efficient as possible, the pump must be selected to match the requirements of the water source, the water distribution system and the irrigation equipment
This publication outlines and shows the Checkbook Method of irrigation scheduling.
Explains important water quality parameters that affect irrigation. Provides a form to submit an irrigation water sample to NDSU for analysis. The user can request a soil/water compatibility analysis.
Saline soils contain salts in great enough abundance that crop yields suffer and sometimes makes successful crop production impossible. This publication talks about testing your soil, salinity management, mapping, crop selection and tile…
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