Most of North Dakota is experiencing a severe drought. NDSU Agriculture has assembled important resources for dealing with the drought. Access them now. 

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Irrigation, Tiling, Drainage

irrigation sprayer on center pivot in field
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Irrigation in North Dakota

Irrigation has always been considered an important part of the social and economic development of North Dakota. Irrigation allows consistent growth of long season crops (corn, alfalfa and potatoes), provides a consistent source of forage for animal agriculture and improves the economic viability of many farms.

Installing Irrigation During a Drought

In North Dakota if you plan to irrigate more than five acres of land, a water permit is required. Field scale irrigation requires a large volume of water over the course of a growing season and a large flow rate.

Irrigation - Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to setup a new quarter-section center pivot?

FAQs About Subsurface (Tile) Drainage

FAQs About Subsurface (Tile) Drainage