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2020 North Dakota Custom Rates

combine harvesting barley

The data in these reports are the results of two surveys on custom work rates in North Dakota.

The Early Season Operations report was conducted in July and August, 2020. conducted during July and August. Approximately 1,540 reports from aerial sprayers, farmer/ranchers, and other custom operators were tabulated. The survey was designed to provide state averages for custom work rates. conducted every other year. The report contains state level custom work rates for land tillage, planting, fertilizer and pesticide application, haying operations and other custom work.

The Late Season Operations report was conducted during September and October, 2020 by the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Approximately 1,600 reports from farmers and ranchers, elevators, custom harvesters and other custom operators were tabulated. The report contains state and regional level custom work rates for harvesting, drying and hauling crops, seed preparation, hauling hay and livestock, and other custom work for fall operations.

Appreciation is expressed to all survey participants who provided the data for this report and to the North Dakota State University Extension Service personnel for their assistance on this project.