The Carrington Research Extension Center seed mill has several cleaners, sorters, and air handlers enclosed in a building large enough to accomodate a grain truck.
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2024 CREC Foundation Seedstock Varieties

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The 2023 growing season presented unique challenges for the seedstocks program. Nearly record-setting winter snowfall set the stage for a late start to field planting and seasonal crop operations. This growing season’s weather pattern set the stage for good quality small grain and broadleaf crops.

Here is the status of foundation grade seed stocks available at the Carrington Research Extension Center. With seed conditioning in progress, we will be able to offer you a wide range of varieties for the coming spring.

For your spring 2024 seed planting needs, listed below are the foundation grade seed stock varieties that the CREC has available in our inventory:

Spring Wheat

  • Faller
  • ND Frohberg
  • Glenn
  • ND Heron
  • MN Rothsay
  • ND Thresher** (New for 2024)
  • MN Torgy
  • We have also increased two new NDSU lines for potential release


  • Divide
  • Joppa
  • ND Riveland
  • ND Stanley


  • ABI Cardinal
  • CDC Fraser
  • ND Genesis
  • ND Treasure** (New last spring)


  • We have increased a new NDSU line for potential private release


  • AAC Bright – yellow
  • Omega – yellow
  • CDC Rowland – brown

Field Pea

  • ND Dawn – yellow
  • ND Victory** – green (New for 2024)

Soybean – Conventional

  • ND Benson – 0.4
  • ND Dickey – 0.7
  • ND Rolette – 00.9
  • ND Stutsman – 0.7

Soybean – GT, RR1

  • ND17009GT – 00.9
  • ND21008GT20 – 00.8
  • ND2108GT73 – 0.8 (check on availability)

Winter Rye

  • ND Dylan
  • ND Gardner

**CREC has three new NDSU varieties that are protected with seed laws and must be sold as a class of certified seed. 

ND Treasure Barley, released in the spring of 2023 through the counties, is a 6-row feed barley targeting the pet food market.

ND Thresher HRSW is a high yielding, shorter variety with good straw strength that dries down well and threshes cleanly. It is developed for the eastern part of the state and has good resistance to Fusarium Head Blight (FHB), Bacterial Leaf Streak (BLS) and most rust strains. ND Thresher will be released and distributed through the counties in the spring of 2024.

ND Victory Pea is a semi-leafless, green cotyledon, smooth round pea with high yield potential. It is a semi-dwarf with good standability. ND Victory has high protein and powdery mildew resistance. ND Victory will be released and distributed through the counties in the spring of 2024.

If you are interested in any of these varieties, call the Carrington REC at 701-652-2951, e-mail at, or Dave Copenhaver at 701-652-5853. Other cultivars and additional quantities may be available from other Research Extension Centers and the Agronomy Seed Farm. 

The NDSU Foundation Seedstocks Pricing Committee will set seed prices for this year’s seed soon and the prices will be published in the near future. Within the NDSU Foundation Seedstocks program, all  orders for varieties received by December 1 will be given preference and priority when seed is oversold and may lead to a reduction in allocation.

Dave Copenhaver
Foundation Seedstocks Manager