Dark sclerotinia on a soybean plant
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Michael Wunsch

A concise, comprehensive overview of recommendations for improving white mold management in soybeans

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Over a decade of extensive multi-year, multi-location research on white mold management in soybeans at NDSU has facilitated the development of recommendations that sharply reduce losses to this disease in soybeans.  Plant pathologist Michael Wunsch provides a concise summary of research results and associated management recommendations in a recorded presentation prepared for the recent ‘Getting It Right in Soybean Production’ webinar. The video presentation is available on the NDSU YouTube channel at or by by clicking on the link for ‘2024 Getting it Right Soybean Production Videos’ at . 

The presentation uploaded to YouTube is significantly expanded relative to presentation given live during the webinar, with additional subject matter material and much more thorough explanations of results and associated recommendations. The following management considerations are discussed at the corresponding time-points.  Chapter breaks have been introduced, making it easy to find these time-points.

4:251. Considerations before planting
4:351a. Impact of planting into winter rye
10:251b. Optimizing soybean row spacing
19:201c. Optimizing seeding rate
21:362. Optimizing the deployment of fungicides
24:152a. Optimizing fungicide application timing
44:262b. Optimizing fungicide droplet size
1:02:192c. Optimizing fungicide spray volume
1:12:352d. Optimizing the number of fungicide applications

Michael Wunsch, Ph. D.
Plant Pathologist