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Getting It Right Canola Production meeting provides concise information

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Curious about canola? Considering a change in your rotation? Certainly, you want to have the latest research-based recommendations as you make production decisions.

My unique perspective on Extension programming might encourage you. I’m surrounded by ag experts, and enjoy the wide range of conversations in our office.

As co-producer for the Getting It Right Zoom sessions, I see behind the scenes and enjoy a front-row seat to each Zoom webinar. All of the presenters at each Getting It Right crop production meeting have producers’ best interests at heart, and it shows.  

Guidelines for each session provide 15-20 minutes of presentation from each expert. That’s not a lot of time, so our specialists distill years of research into concise presentations for you. Q & A options let the audience pose specific questions to any of the speakers, meaning that sometimes two experts will combine their research into one customized solution.

We have two crops left to cover this spring, with canola on the table Thursday, March 9. Speakers include Bryan Hanson, Brian Jenks, Dave Franzen, Justin Jacobs, Venkat Chapara, Randy Martinson, Anitha Chirumamilla, Travis Prochaska, Dave Ripplinger. They will cover everything from soil fertility and the initial selection of cultivars to getting that seed out of the ground and through to harvest with proper weed and disease management. Every crop needs a marketing plan and options (like biofuels) for consumer use, and those topics are on the agenda, too. Read details at

Registration for this Zoom session, and a sunflower session on March 21, are available at . Videos and other resources from all of the previous Getting It Right Zoom sessions (soybean, dry bean, corn, and flax) are at the same site.

Questions? Call me! I won’t have the answer (unless it’s about registration!), but I’ll certainly find the expert you need.

Linda Schuster
Administrative Assistant