The end of two rows of corn, viewed from the cab of a plot combine at night.
Photo Credit:
Tim Indergaard

Harvest Highlights

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The growing season is coming to a close but it’s not quite done. We’re hoping that continued nice fall weather will allow us to finish corn and sunflower harvest before the next big snowfall. 

Here are a few highlights from this season:

  • KWS Receptor was the highest yielding winter rye at 80.4 bushels/acre.
  • Two yellow pea varieties were just short of 80 bushels/acre at 79.5 and 79.2 (AAC Chrome and AAC Beyond, respectively).
  • In our irrigated barley trial, ND Treasure yielded 96.9 bushels/acre. In the dryland trial, it was just edged out by CDC Durango at 94.4 vs 91.5 bushels/acre.
  • A new entry into the wheat variety trial, GP250 Allota, yielded an impressive 84.9 bushels to the acre at our Carrington site. Brawn-SD is a close second at 84.6 bushels/acre at our Wishek site. Yes, Wishek!
  • MS-22Y16.2 was the highest yielding line in our flax variety trial at 32.8 bushels/acre.
  • ACC Douglas thrived this year with an outstanding yield at 168.7 bushels/acre for oats. 
  • Our average irrigated dry bean yield across market classes was just over 3,000 lb/acre.

If you are looking for more details, check out the NDSU variety trial website, . All the results from our variety trials are posted on the NDSU website for your convenience. Our soybean results will be posted in the next week or so, with corn and sunflowers to follow as weather permits.

On a final note, we will be saying goodbye to a long-term employee, Tim Indergaard, very soon. He harvested his last plot Wednesday evening and shared this picture captioned, “My last chapter is written,” with me as he finished harvesting the last Fingal corn plot in the dark. We wish him the best during retirement.

Kristin Simons, Ph. D. 
Research Agronomist