People reviewing the living weed display at the Carrington Research Extensnion Center
Photo Credit:
Greg Endres

Living Weed Exhibit at Carrington REC

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The first step in weed management is plant identification, and one resource to assist farmers and crop advisers is the Carrington REC’s living weed exhibit.

During the crop season, the exhibit has over 60 weeds on display. The plants are primarily organized by lifecycle: annuals, winter annuals, biennials and perennials. In addition, the 13 North Dakota state noxious weeds are grouped together.

Common mullien, a biennial weed
Photo Credit:
Greg Endres
Common mullien, a biennial weed present in the living weed exhibit at the Carrington REC

Persons may view the weed exhibit at any time. The display is located south of the headquarters building and parking lot. Tours can also be arranged by calling the Center. The Center uses the site for training including the North Dakota Weed Control Association’s Sprayer School and NDSU Extension’s Crop Management Field School.

Greg Endres
Extension Cropping Systems Specialist