NDSU Carrington REC Field Day July 18, 2023
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Meeting season, part 2

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We joke about “meeting” season, meaning the time between harvest and planting when ag companies and Ag Experiment and Extension staff have time to schedule and attend conferences. At the Carrington REC, we have a secondary meeting season between planting and harvest, when crops and livestock and berries are showing great promise. We’re at the cusp of that season now, and we invite you to participate as fully as you are able.

Along with hosting other agencies at our central ND location, we have a robust schedule of events that are open to the public. Check out these programs and attend when you can.

Thursday, June 29. Crop Management Field School. There are still a few spaces left on our wagons, so we’re leaving registration open. This popular annual school offers 4 CEUs for Certified Crop Advisers, but many private agronomists, sales staff, and farmers attend. There is a registration fee for this class.

Friday, June 30. NDSU Barnes County Extension is hosting Jr. Crop Scout School. This day is geared toward youth age 12-18 with an interested in agronomy. There is a modest fee.

Our annual Field Day is Tuesday, July 18, and our extensive schedule continues to develop! Keep checking our event page for all the details. At this time, we have four morning tours and two afternoon tours. It’s hard to highlight only a few presentations, because we strive to have programs of interest to everyone! We write press releases for each individual tour, and add links to the press releases on our event page.

Of course, each of our sister RECs have Field Days scheduled in the same few weeks. If they are closer to you, be certain to visit them, and tell them that we sent you!

We host and co-host off-station plot tours, too:

  • Thursday, July 27. Dazey Plot Tour.
  • Tuesday, August 1. Tri-County Crop Tour.
  • Thursday, August 10. Fingal Plot Tour.

Please contact us for additional details if you’d like to attend these small plot tours.

We’re also hosting private events for in-service training, a couple of field labs for college students, and tours for agribusiness professionals and civic groups.

If your group would like a tour of the Carrington REC, please call us to work out the details.

Linda Schuster
Administrative Assistant