The cover page of NDSU Extension publication A2125.
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Greg Endres

New NDSU Extension publication on soybean and dry bean plant establishment factors

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A new NDSU Extension publication has recently been published: A2125 Seed Yield Effects Associated with Soybean and Dry Bean Plant Establishment Factors. This reference is targeted for soybean and dry bean producers, and crop advisers. It is available electronically at the following website:

The publication provides tables that list 10 soybean and 7 dry bean plant establishment factors indicating seed yield increases with improved production practices compared to traditional practices. The data is based on results from North Dakota State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension field research trials conducted across the state during the past 25 years. 

As an example to illustrate the use of the data in the publication, planting soybean during early May, with suitable soil and environmental conditions, has resulted in an average yield increase of 8% compared to planting during the second-half of May. This is based on data from 10 NDSU trials. As a dry bean example, reducing row width among pinto, black and navy bean has increased yield 9-22% compared to wide rows. 

The research providing the data in the publication was partially supported by the North Dakota Soybean Council and Northarvest Bean Growers Association.

Greg Endres, M.S., CCA
Extension Cropping Systems Specialist