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Recent CREC-based Articles and Publications

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At NDSU we pride ourselves in the research we conduct and in the creation and delivery of high-impact educational events and resources. However, we are still very busy on those days in between our visible activities. We are pleased to highlight recent articles and publications authored by Carrington REC staff. If you have any trouble accessing the information, we would be happy to send you a copy.   

Karl Hoppe – Extension Livestock Systems Specialist

Consider Backgrounding Calves Based on Market ConditionsFeedlot Magazine

NDSU Extension publication E1002 Blister Beetle Management in Forages and Field Crops

Colin Tobin – Animal Scientist

Potential of Accelerometers and GPS Tracking to Remotely Detect Perennial Ryegrass Staggers in SheepSmart Agriculture Technology

A Case Study Using Accelerometers to Identify Illness in Ewes following Unintentional Exposure to Mold-Contaminated Feed - Animals


Steve Zwinger – Agronomy Research Specialist

Comparative Study on Kernel Quality and Chemical Composition of Ancient and Modern Wheat Species: Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt and Hard Red Spring Wheat Foods


Mike Ostlie – Research Agronomist

UAV-Assisted Thermal Infrared and Multispectral Imaging of Weed Canopies for Glyphosate Resistance DetectionRemote Sensing

Image Based Thermal Sensing for Glyphosate Resistant Weed Identification in Greenhouse Conditions - Computers and Electronics in Agriculture

Registration of ‘ND Crown’ Chickpea - Journal of Plant Registrations

NDOLA-2, A High-yielding, Open-pollinated Conventional Spring Type Canola in North Dakota - Journal of Plant Registrations


Mary Keena – Extension Livestock Environmental Management Specialist

NDSU Extension publication NM2007 Nutrient Characteristics of Solid Beef Manure in North Dakota

NDSU Extension publication NM1259 Solid Manure Sampling for Nutrient Management Planning

NDSU Extension publication NM1418 Manure Spreader Calibration for Nutrient Management Planning


Mike Ostlie
Research Agronomist