Effect of Extreme Drought on Crop Rotation and Soil Physical and Microbial Property Changes for the period 2016-2019 in Western North Dakota

(Research Report, Dickinson REC, December 2019)

A 10-year integrated crop and livestock study that compared hard red spring wheat grown continuously (HRSW-C) to hard red spring wheat grown in a five-crop rotation (HRSW-R).

Lead Author
Lead Author:
D.G. Landblom, Dickinson Research Extension Center
Other Authors

S. Senturklu, Dickinson Research Extension Center and Department of Animal Science, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Canakkale, BMYO, Turkey;
L. Cihacek, Soil Science Department, North Dakota State University;
J. Steffan, Department of Natural Sciences, Dickinson State University

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