Fall Application of Preemergence Herbicide Combinations for Spring Weed Control in Spring Wheat

(Research Report, Hettinger REC, November 2021)
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Lead Author:
Caleb Dalley
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Anthem Flex (pyroxasulfone + carfentrazone) was applied in the fall (October 7, 2020) to evaluate crop tolerance and weed control in spring wheat. Anthem Flex treatments were compared with other herbicide treatments. In October, following application, there was approximately 0.5 inches of precipitation (rain and snow). The remainder of the winter received little additional precipitation up until after the wheat crop was planted. Downy brome control increased with all Anthem Flex and Olympus treatments (95 to 99%) compared with glyphosate alone (80%). Kochia control with treatments containing pyroxasulfone was 81 to 97% 35 days after crop emergence compared with 0% control in Olympus and glyphosate alone treatments. Green foxtail control increased at the higher rates of Anthem Flex and were higher compared to Olympus and Authority Supreme treatments. Common lambsquarters control also increased at higher rates of Anthem Flex and Anthem Flex treatments generally resulted in better control compared with Olympus or Authority Supreme treatments. Wheat yield was very low due to drought conditions. However, glyphosate alone and the spring/fall application of Olympus resulted in the lowest wheat yield, excluding the untreated control where yield was near zero.