Flax Response to Postemergence Herbicides

(Research Report, Hettinger REC, November 2021)
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Lead Author:
Caleb Dalley
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A trial was conducted to evaluate falx response to postemergence herbicides. Flax was planted on May 5 and emerged on May 18. Herbicide treatments were applied on June 1 when flax was 2 to 3 inches in height. Imazamox (Raptor) treatments resulted in the greatest flax injury. When Raptor was tank-mixed with bentazon (Basagran), injury was less than with Raptor alone. Laudis and Laudis plus Bison also caused severe injury to flax. When flax height was measured 23 days after treatment application, flax height was lowest following the Laudis + Bison treatment. Raptor alone also reduced flax height significantly. Due to drought conditions, flax yield was low and highly variable and no differences in yield were seen in this trial.