Preemergence Weed Control in Chickpea

(Research Report, Hettinger REC, November 2021)
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Lead Author:
Caleb Dalley
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A trial was conducted to evaluate preemergence herbicides for weed control in chickpea. Chickpea was planted on May 3, 2021 and herbicide treatments were applied on May 6. Few weeds had emerged at time of herbicide application. Weed control was evaluated 15 and 29 days after chickpea emergence. Treatments containing sulfentrazone resulted in best control of wild buckwheat, common lambsquarters, and kochia. Pyroxasulfone plus carfentrazone (Anthem Flex) treatments also resulted in best control of kochia, but was less consistent in control of wild buckwheat and common lambsquarters. No treatment reduced chickpea stand and while there were significant differences in chickpea height, there was no consistent response. Chickpea yield was highly variable due to the drought conditions and no differences in yield were observed.