Soybean Soil Fertility

(SF1164, Revised Nov. 2019)

All of NDSU soil fertility recommendations now have no yield-based formulas. The soybean fertility recommendations were modified to be in line with these new guidelines.

Lead Author
Lead Author:
D.W. Franzen, Extension Soil Science Specialist
Other Authors

R. Jay Goos, Professor Soil Science Department; Hans Kandel, Extension Agronomist; Chris Augustin, Extension Soil Health Specialist (North Central Research Extension Center); Ryan Buetow, Extension Cropping Systems Specialist(Dickinson Research Extension Center); Jasper Teboh, Extension Soil Scientist (NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center); Shana Forster, Director(NDSU North Central Research Extension Center); Greg Endres, Extension Cropping Systems Specialist (Carrington Research Extension Center)

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