Weed Control in Dry Pea with Preemergence Burndown Herbicide Combinations

(Research Report, Hettinger REC, November 2021)
Lead Author
Lead Author:
Caleb Dalley
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A trial was conducted to evaluate preemergence herbicide options for weed control in dry pea. Dry pea were planted on April 28, 2021. Herbicide treatments were applied on May 6. Dry pea emerged on May 17. All treatments included glyphosate and were compared with glyphosate alone and an untreated control (no herbicide). There were few weeds present at time of application. Wild buckwheat control was best with sulfentrazone + metolachlor (Spartan Elite) and with sulfentrazone plus saflufenacil (Spartan + Sharpen). Kochia control was reduced only with the pyroxasulfone + sulfentrazone (Authority Edge) and carfentrazone (Aim) alone. Dry pea yield was highest with the Spartan Elite, Spartan Charge, Sharpen, and Anthem Flex treatments.