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Burleigh County FCE


Family and Community Education is a nationally affiliated organization of women and men that focuses on improving home life and serving the community. FCE began with a determined group of rural farm women that had a vision to strengthen education and to promote projects that protect the integrity of the American family.

FCE members have helped to initiate and sustain programs such as school hot lunch and rural bookmobiles. FCE members have provided seatbelt safety and lobbied  for seatbelt laws. FCE members have been instrumental in reducing estate taxes and implementing a rating system for television programming. These  accomplishments are a direct result of building strong families which in turn builds strong communities.

In keeping with society’s ever changing issues, today’s FCE focuses on three major concerns:

  • Continuing Education
  • Developing Leadership
  • Community Action

Interested in Joining Burleigh County FCE?

For membership information, contact the Burleigh County Extension Office at 701.221.6865 or

Learn more about FCE on the National Association for Family and Community Education website.

Information for FCE Members