Burleigh County

Mailing address:

3715 E Bismarck Expressway
Bismarck, ND 58501
United States

Name Position Email Phone
Headshot of Annette Broyles
Broyles, Annette Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development | 4-H annette.e.broyles@ndsu.edu
Headshot of Kelsey Deckert
Deckert, Kelsey Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources - Horticulture | CC kelsey.j.deckert@ndsu.edu
Johnson, Debra Extension Agent, Burleigh/Morton County, FNP debra.johnson.1@ndsu.edu
Kralicek, Tyler Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources tyler.kralicek.1@ndsu.edu
Headshot of Shelly Kuntz
Kuntz, Shelly Extension Agent, Family and Community Wellness shelly.kuntz.1@ndsu.edu
Headshot of Jessica Riveland
Riveland, Jessica Nutrition Education Assistant, EFNEP /Burleigh and Morton Counties jessica.riveland@ndsu.edu
Headshot of Casey Sorch
Sorch, Casey Administrative Assistant casey.sorch@ndsu.edu
Headshot of Lisa  Zorn
Zorn, Lisa Administrative Assistant lisa.zorn@ndsu.edu
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