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The Parent Education program provides prevention-focused parenting and family education opportunities for parents, families, professionals and the community.

All of our upcoming courses and events can be found on our "Upcoming Courses & Events" page. Click the event title for more details about each course offering or event.




Parents Forever is a family transition program for parents as they continue to parent together through a divorce or separation, parents who are divorced and experiencing challenges with co-parenting, and for never-married parents when they decide to parent apart.


Parent Cafés are uplifting opportunities for parents and caregivers to talk about the challenges and joys of raising children. Through informal discussion, participants consider their strengths, learn about factors that promote well-being, and create strategies to help strengthen their families.  

Upcoming Courses & Events
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This presentation will explore the basics of family systems and the impact these systems have on individuals and relationships. We will examine attachment styles, the role attachment plays in shaping relationships within families, how…
From the moment they are born children are doing their best to tell us what they need. Learn to use the Circle of Security to see the need – see through the behavior. Recognize when/how to be your child’s secure base. Learn to follow your…
Morton Mandan Library - 609 W Main St
This interactive class offers discussion and practical activities that will help you discover what children are really thinking, feeling and deciding based on your parenting methods. Discover how using firmness and kindness increases…
Children want authentic, positive connection with the adults in their lives. Traditional approaches to dealing with challenging behaviors can easily make situations worse. When we focus our energy more on negative behaviors than on…
This 4-session class series focuses on adults caring for or working with children having special needs. The power of Love & Logic Supporting Youth with Special Needs rests largely on the fact that it’s not a “one size fits all” system…
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