Dr. Xuefeng (Michael) Chu

Walter B. Booth Distinguished Professor

Office: CIE 201K 

Phone: (701) 231-9758 

Email: xuefeng.chu@ndsu.edu

Personal Webpage: https://www.ndsu.edu/pubweb/~xuchu/index.htm

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  • Ph.D., Hydrologic Sciences, University of California, Davis

Interest Areas

  • Surface Hydrology: Overland flow generation, multiscale modeling of microtopography-controlled puddle-to-puddle (P2P) overland flow dynamics, hydrologic connectivity analysis and modeling, characterization of surface microtopography, wetland delineation and modeling
  • Subsurface Hydrology: Infiltration and unsaturated flow modeling, aquifer characterization, groundwater modeling and management, conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater
  • Watershed Hydrology: GIS applications in hydrology, watershed delineation, distributed watershed hydrologic modeling
  • Contaminant Hydrology: Integrated modeling of multi-phase contaminant transport in surface and subsurface environments, pesticide fate and transport modeling, metal and sediment transport modeling in stream-wetland systems, non-point source pollution and environmental assessment
  • Computational Hydrology: Development of Windows-based hydrologic and environmental modeling software: IPTM-S, IPTM-CS, HYDROL-INF, and P2P Modeling System
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