Impact and Results

Pharmacy Practice has a long history of innovation and recent contributions have been noted: Pharmacy Contributions to Improved Population Health: Expanding the Public Health Roundtable.

However, practice tends to precede research, and moves forward at a much faster pace, such that structured evaluation of these innovations are often lacking. In order to have a significant impact on improving population health, it is imperative that the impact of pharmacy interventions are measured using meaningful, practice-based data and guided analysis. It is also important that these findings are widely disseminated as a service to the advancement of pharmacy more widely. 

The CAP Center believes deeply in the scientific merit of pharmacy practice research, and is committed to providing supportive services to help pharmacy researchers evaluate and disseminate their work. 

The results of the work of the CAP Center will be published here, including peer-reviewed publications, presentations, and other scientific contributions to the field of pharmacy. The impact of the CAP Center will also be recognized through policy changes, guideline changes, and other positive impacts on collaboration and advancement of pharmacy. 

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