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The Center for Collaboration and Advancement in Pharmacy (CAP Center) was approved in 2020 to serve as a core for educational, operational, and research capacity for faculty in the College of Health Professions and practitioners throughout the state. The Center prioritizes research which can be feasibly upscaled, impact population health, and be translatable to other settings.

The mission of the CAP Center is to advance patient care and outcomes by providing training, resources, and interventions fostering advancement of pharmacy and collaboration with other healthcare professionals using evidence-based best practices resulting in improved population health outcomes.The CAP Center seeks to develop programs that encompass the four core principles of the Center.

The CAP Center provides students with experiences that will prepare them to work at the top of their professional license upon graduation. The CAP Center provides framework for research efforts in areas of population health management and medication safety. 

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All members of the NDSU community are invited to attend the 61stFaculty Lectureship entitled “Two Years on a Pandemic Frontline:  Lessons Learned and Reflections for the Academyby Dr. Paul Carson,…

Thank you for the amazing amount of interest and excitement since our Inaugural CAP Center Symposium in September. The team is excited to share what has been happening!

Since the symposium, there…

Building on an approach developed for its nationally-recognized Opioid and Naloxone Education program for pharmacists, NDSU has established the Center for Collaboration and Advancement in Pharmacy,…

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