CAP Center Updates

Thank you for the amazing amount of interest and excitement since our Inaugural CAP Center Symposium in September. The team is excited to share what has been happening!

Since the symposium, there have been 3 NEW project proposals that have been submitted to the CAP Center. Members of the Center have met with each group to brainstorm, discuss process, feasibility, application, and next steps. Each project is gaining momentum!

In December, the CAP Center has arranged for Dr. Bakke, a pediatrician, to discuss COVID Vaccines with free pharmacy CE at NDSU on December 7th. Dinner for live attendees will be provided, and a virtual option will be available as well. The CAP Center will be providing further CE coming in January and February, so please watch for announcements!

The CAP Center is actively working on the following initiatives:

  • The ONE Program  (
  • Addressing vaccine hesitancy
  • COVID 19 vaccine practice in North Dakota community pharmacies
  • Hepatitis C screening in pharmacies
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Expansion of billable pharmacy services

The projects listed above are highlighted on the CAP Center website:  Projects | CAP | NDSU

The formation of the Advisory Council is just beginning.  This will be a group of professionals that will provide advocacy and guidance to the CAP Center.  The CAP Center team will be reaching out to individuals to serve on this council to allow diversity within the council.  The first meeting of the Advisory Council will be in the first quarter of 2022.

The CAP Center has the unique ability to work with practicing health care professionals, individuals, collaborators, and innovators to improve patient care throughout our state.  The team at the CAP Center is excited to work with you and hear your story!

If you have any questions on what CAP can do for you, please contact the CAP Center Director, Elizabeth Skoy [] or the CAP Center Operations Director, Lisa Nagel []. 

Check out our website! CAP | NDSU.   Watch for our social media coming soon!

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