Immunization Expansion through Pharmacy

Project name: Addressing Vaccination Hesitancy and Acceptance through Pharmacy Collaboration 

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Skoy 

Timeline: 6/1/21-6/30/24 

Funding: North Dakota Department of Health  

Collaborators: Jayme Steig, Allison Hursman, CIRE (Paul Carson and Kylie Hall) 

Purpose: To identify and develop education and resources, immunizing pharmacies need to increase vaccination rates across the state. To ensure pharmacies are provided the tools and support needed to store, handle and deliver vaccines. Each pharmacy will be provided a site visit from a pharmacist to help address the above issues.  

What is already known on this topic? 
Pharmacy involvement in immunization delivery can increase immunization rates.  

What is the impact of this project on collaboration and advancement in pharmacy? 

  • Increase immunization rates.  
  • Increase pharmacist confidence in addressing vaccine hesitancy.  
  • Develop and provide tools and resources to pharmacy’s across the state to aid in these efforts.  

What is the impact of this project on improving population health?
Increase in vaccination rates, and decrease in the number of hospitalizations/deaths associated with vaccine-preventable diseases, specifically COVID-19.

What publications, presentations, posters, and follow up grants did this work lead to? 
Share results to other state health departments and state pharmacy groups.  

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