Our People

Jeremy Jackson, Ph.D.

Director / Associate Professor

Office: Barry Hall 400B
Phone: 701-231-7832
Email: jeremy.jackson@ndsu.edu

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James Caton, Ph.D.

Faculty Fellow / Assistant Professor

Office: Barry Hall 400C (M: 12-1 p.m., TuTh: 1-2 p.m.)
Phone: 701-231-7337
Email: james.caton@ndsu.edu

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Raymond March, Ph.D.

Faculty Fellow / Assistant Professor

Office: Barry Hall 402 (MW: 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.)
Phone: 701-231-8883
Email: raymond.j.march@ndsu.edu 

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Kali Christianson

Outreach Specialist

Office: Barry Hall 400
Phone: 701-231-7790
Email: kali.l.christianson@ndsu.edu

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Affiliated Faculty

John Bitzan, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, College of Business
Professor, Management

Office: Barry Hall 102F
Email: john.bitzan@ndsu.edu 

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Jay Leitch, Ph.D.

Emeritus Dean, College of Business
Emeritus Professor, Agricultural Economics


Email: jay.leitch@ndsu.edu 

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David Ripplinger, Ph.D.

Director, Bioenergy and Products Innovation Center
Assistant Professor, Agribusiness and Applied Economics

Office: Barry Hall 614D
Email: david.ripplinger@ndsu.edu  

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Clay Routledge, Ph.D.

Professor, Health/Social Psychology

Email: clay.routledge@ndsu.edu 

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