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We are dedicated to enhancing economic opportunity and human flourishing.

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We aim to advance understanding in the areas of innovation, trade, institutions and human potential to identify policies and solutions for the betterment of society.

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Nov. 30 | Magatte Wade


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Dr. Sam Peltzman discusses the unintended consequences of regulation, including a famous insight from his work on automobile safety regulation. 



Recent Media

Article | Capitalism and Socialism: Toward a Common Understanding
By John Bitzan, Profectus Magazine

Op-Ed | An Economics Lesson on Tax Reform
By Jeremy Jackson, The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead

Op-Ed | Trouble in the Metaverse—Whatever That Is
By Jeremy Straub, Dakota Digital Review

Op-Ed | Overlooked Security Challenges in Electric-Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
By Asad Waqar Malik and Zahid Anwar, Dakota Digital Review

Op-Ed | The FDA Could Easily Solve the Baby Formula Shortage by Allowing More Imports from Europe
By Raymond March and Glenn Furton, Fortune


We Need a Common Understanding of What 'Capitalism' Means

By Dr. John Bitzan and Dr. Clay Routledge

When skeptics and advocates talk about capitalism, are we really speaking the same language when we use the word? 



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