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Recent Events

Distinguished Speaker, John Allison Presents

On September 19th, John Allison, Former CEO of BB&T Corporation Spoke in the Barry Hall Auditorium, filled with students, faculty, and community leaders.  Allison, who led the financial services company through the 2008 recession and grew the company's assets from $4.5 Billion at the beginning of his tenure to $152 Billion at the end, captivated the audience with his presentation on "The Philosophical Fight for the Future of America."  Mr. Alison, who currently is Executive in Residence at the Wake Forest School of Business, was named one of the top 100 CEOs over the last decade by The Harvard Business Review.

John Allison is the first in the Challey Institute's Distinguished Speakers Series.  The series brings thought leaders from around the world to discuss issues related to innovation, trade, and institutions, and the roles they play in enhancing economic opportunity and growth.


Challey Institute New American Entrepreneurs Named

On September 18th, the Challey Institute named its 2019 Cohort for the Challey Institute's New American Entrepreneur Program.  The program supports 10 New American Entrepreneurs in Fargo-Moorhead, who are in the growth stages of their ventures.  The 6-month program (in cooperation with Emerging Prairie), aimed at enhancing New American entrepreneurial success, offers peer-to-peer learning, a founders retreat, and a media strategy.  The New American Entrepreneurs that are part of the program, include:

Abdishakur Mohamed - Soma Employment Solutions
Clever Mukori - Learn or Teach
David Lukudu - Nile River Grocery
Decontee Doboyou - Mama Dee Care
Dieumerci Christel - Enlight
Gertrude Adjei Kusi - House of Gold
Gunel Huseynov - Mainstream Boutique
Pasteur Mudende - Chai Moto
Sifa Ntivu-Bisimwa - Adibon
Simi Kasakwe - Motherland Health

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