We support NDSU's land grant mission by connecting with the public.

Outreach Mission

We strive to enable more informed policymaking and increase the public's understanding of issues related to innovation, trade and institutions. We produce research briefs and working papers; participate in local and regional speaking events; and engage with media to make our peer-reviewed research accessible to the public.


Recent Media

Op-Ed | The Best and Worst States for Health Care, By Raymond March, MoneyGeek
Op-Ed | Experts' Insights About Understanding Health Care, By Raymond March, MoneyGeek
Op-Ed | 10 Best Credit Cards of March 2024, By Raymond March, WalletHub
Op-Ed | BRICS Countries Are Benefiting from the Red Sea Shipping Disruptions, By Ahmad Al Asady, The Hill
Radio | The Steve Hallstrom Show; Discussing the Teacher Shortage in North Dakota, ft. Richard Feir, The Flag Radio
Op-Ed | Teacher Retention Will Take More Than Salary Increases, By Richard Feir, North Dakota Monitor
Article | Column: Trumponomics? He Would Impose the Equivalent of a Huge Tax Hike, ft. Sandro Steinbach, Los Angeles Times
Radio | LIVE from the Midwest Economic Outlook Summit, ft. John Bitzan, The Flag Radio
Op-Ed | John Bitzan and Justin Callais: The American Dream is Alive in North Dakota, By John Bitzan and Justin Callais, The Bismarck Tribune

Podcast | Shipping Logistics Impacts With Sandro Steinbach, featuring Sandro Steinbach, Global Ag Network

Op-Ed | Letter: The Right Prescription for Further Improvement in North Dakota Health Care, By Alicia Plemmons, InForum
Article | Do Markets Corrupt Our Morals?, By Jeremy Jackson, Profectus
Article | Red Sea Tensions and Drought in Panama Illustrate Urgent Need for Supply Chain Solutions, featuring Sandro Steinbach, Ag Tech Navigator
Article | Study: If You Let People Buy Beer at Grocery Stores, the Liquor Stores Still Survive, featuring Sandro Steinbach, Reason
Op-Ed | The Unseen Role of Standardized Testing in Equalizing Opportunities, By Richard Feir, The Messenger
Op-Ed | Letter: Abolish the Income Tax, Not the Property Tax, By Jeremy Jackson, InForum
Blog | Did Healthcare Spending Really Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels?, By Raymond March, Independent Institute
Article | NDSU Launches Agribusiness and Data Analytics Graduate Program, featuring Sandro Steinbach, Morning Ag Clips
Blog | Another Infant Formula Shortage? Blame the FDA, By Raymond March, Independent Institute
Op-Ed | The Red Sea Conflict Threatens to Spread, By Ahmad Al Asady, The Hill
Op-Ed | Seizing the Future: Investment Funds Pave the Way for North Dakota, By Oudom Hean and Corey Wilmer, The Bismarck Tribune
Radio | The Steve Hallstrom Show Episode 112: Discussing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, featuring John Bitzan, The Flag Radio
Article | Embracing AI for Empowerment with Dr. James L. Caton, featuring James Caton, Institute for Humane Studies
Article | Farm Foundation Announces 2024 Agricultural Economics Trade and Sustainability Fellow, featuring Sandro Steinbach, Morning AgClips
Op-Ed | Political Promises Won't End Drug Shortages, By Raymond March, The Hill
Article | These Are Some Christmas Traditions Around the World, From Fistfights to KFC, featuring work of Raymond March, NPR
Op-Ed | Fueling Economic Growth in the MENA Region, By Ahmad Al Asady, DC Journal
Blog | Gene Therepy: A Promising Medical Frontier Hindered by Regulatory Roadblocks, By Raymond March, Independent Institute
Op-Ed | The Entrepreneurial Value of Higher Education, By Ahmad Al Asady and Chris Groening, U.S. News & World Report
Podcast | Kerianne Lawson on Equal Economic Freedoms, featuring Dr. Kerianne Lawson, The Great Antidote Podcast
Radio | The Ghosts of Debt Ceilings Past, featuring Dr. Thomas Krumel, NPR Marketplace
Blog | Who Should Decide if Weight-Loss Injections Should be Prescribed for Kids, By Raymond March, Independent Institute
Op-Ed | Bank Consolidation is Choking Off Entrepreneurship in the Midwest, By Oudom Hean and Corey Wilmer, American Banker
Blog | More Oversight Won't Help the US Baby Formula Market, By Raymond March, Independent Institute
Article | Looking Beyond AI Hype to Maximize AI's Public Benefit, By Jeremy Straub, Dakota Digital Review
Blog | The FDA Should Stay Away from Laboratory Developed Tests, By Raymond March, Independent Institute
Article | Psychedelics Will Help America's Mental Health Crisis - If the FDA Lets Them, By Raymond March, AIER
Op-Ed | In Trust, We Trust: Ensure Transparency in University Endowments, By Ahmad Al Asady, Times Higher Education
Op-Ed | Telling Small Businesses to Buy Cyber Insurance Isn't Enough, By Zia Muhammad and Jeremy Straub, Dark Reading
Op-Ed | Redefining Refineries: Bridging the Gap to a Greener Tomorrow in the US, By Oudom Hean, The Bismarck Tribune
Pocast | John Bitzan on the Culture at Universities, featuring John Bitzan, The Great Antidote Podcast
Op-Ed | Decongestant Doesn't Work? Neither Does the FDA, By Raymond March, DC Journal
Article | 'Socialism Sucks' Authors to Speak at NDSU Series, Inforum
Article | War in Ukraine Creating Toxic Mix for Farmers there and in North Dakota, featuring the work of Sandro Steinbach, AgWeek
Op-Ed | Another Voice: New York City's War on AI Job Screening Could Produce National Harm, By Jeremy Straub, The Buffalo News
Op-Ed | Expert Advice on Best Health Insurance Option When Unemployed, By Raymond March, MoneyGeek
Op-Ed | Podcaster Wrong to Discourage Kids from Studying Coding, By Jeremy Straub, DC Journal
Radio | $2 Trillion in Savings, Spent, interview with Thomas Krumel, NPR Marketplace
Article | Food Security Threatened by Grain Disruptions, featuring the work of Sandro Steinbach, FarmProgress
Op-Ed | Actors and Writers Strikes Create Perfect Storm for AI Use in Hollywood, By Jeremy Straub, The Messenger
Article | Russian Weaponization of Food Rattles Global Markets, By Sandro Steinbach, Agricultural and Resource Economics ARE Update
Op-Ed | How Google Play Store Security May Fail to Protect Users from Stealthy Malware, By Zia Muhammad and Zahid Anwar, Cyber Defense Magazine
Blog | The Pandemic is Over, But Pandemic Policies Are Not, By Raymond March, Independent Institute
Op-Ed | ACC's Invitation to SMU is the Last Step in a Long Road to Recovery, By Kerianne Lawson, The Dallas Morning News
Op-Ed | The Mental Health Crisis and FDA Hurdles, By Raymond March, Catalyst
Op-Ed | Tear Down the Invisible Walls Around Housing Reform, By Oudom Hean and Parker Jabas, The Messenger
Op-Ed | Why Joe Biden's Plan to 'Watermark' AI-Generated Content May Be Next to Impossible, By Jeremy Straub, Fox News
Op-Ed | Letter: Laws Should Foster Fair and Innovative AI Development, By Dominic Rosch-Grace, InForum
Op-Ed | Student Loans and the Sin of Usury, By James Caton, Acton Institute
Article | Speaking Series at NDSU to Focus on Range of Topics, From Democracy to Technology, InForum
Blog | FDA Efforts to Curb Youth Vaping Continue to Come Up Short, By Raymond March, Independent Institute
Op-Ed | Lost in Echo Chambers: The Urgent Need for an Intellectual Renaissance in Universities, By John Bitzan, The Hill
Article | NDSU Computer Science Levels Up, highlighting Jeremy Straub, NDSU Foundation Magazine
Article | Guarding Cyberspace One Byte at a Time, highlighting Zia Muhammad, Cybernews
Op-Ed | Agricultural Commodity Markets Navigate Uncharted Waters Amidst Russia-Ukraine Conflict, By Sandro Steinbach, Southern Ag Today
Op-Ed How Positive Reinforcement on ChatGPT Can Be Used for Cyber Exploitation and Malware Development, By Zia Muhammad and Zahid Anwar, DC Journal
Op-Ed | Yellen Should Urge China to Push Back on Micron Ban, By Jeremy Straub, DC Journal
Op-Ed | FTC Threatens Innovation and Free Speech With OpenAI Investigation, By Jeremy Straub, Washington Examiner
Op-Ed | Letter: Fostering Diversity, Optimism in Higher Education, By John Bitzan, The Bismarck Tribune
Op-Ed | One for All and All for One: How the North American Charging Standard Unites the EV Industry, Ahmad Al Asady, The Messenger
Op-Ed | This Is Why New Jersey's Minimalist AI Regulations Are Problematic, Jeremy Straub, Asbury Park Press
Op-Ed | A Worrying New Poll Reveals What Students Really Believe About Censorship, By John Bitzan, Fox News
Op-Ed | The Critical Role of VC In the AI Economy, By Ahmad Al Asady & Stanislav Vavilov, Real Clear Markets

Article | 'Teaching on Eggshells': Students Report Professors' Offensive Comments, By Jessica Blake, Inside Higher Education

Article | Majority of College Students Favor Reporting Professors for ‘Offensive’ Opinions: Poll, By Lexi Lonas, The Hill

Op-Ed | Race Against the Machine: Entrepreneurship and AI Regulation, By Ahmad Al Asady and Branson Boggia, Real Clear Policy

Press Release | American College Students’ Survey Reveals Campus Climate of Viewpoint Suppression

Op-Ed | AI Regulation Done Right By Jeremy Straub, Governing

Op-Ed | We Stand at a Crossroads with AI in Elections By Jeremy Straub, Fox News

Op-Ed | How Business Schools Could Lead the Charge to Revive Faith in Higher Education By Ahmad Al Asady and Siri Terjesen, Times Higher Education

Op-Ed | Don't Crush the Potential of AI Technology to Make Our Lives Better By Jeremy Straub, Los Angeles Daily News

Op-Ed | Letter: Tech Luminaries' Feers Are Not Good Enough Reason to 'Pause' Artificial Intellingence Development By Jeremy Straub, The Bismarck Tribune

Op-Ed | Backdoor Regulation of AI by Treaty or Executive Agreement Could Harm US Industry By Jeremy Straub, The Messenger

Challey Spotlight: Dr. Jeremy Straub

Op-Ed | Partisan AI Is a Significant Problem Without An Easy Solution By Jeremy Straub, Washington Examiner

Op-Ed | Driving Innovation in Safety for Deep-Sea Exploration By Ahmad Al Asady, DC Journal

Op-Ed | Requiring Parental Permission for Children's AI Use is Shortsighted and Harms Education By Jeremy Straub, The Hill

Article | Southern Economic Impacts of Premium-to-Liability Ratio Limits in U.S. Crop Insurance By Sandro Steinbach, Southern Ag Today

Article | Economic Consequences of Capping Premiums in Crop Insurance By Sandro Steinbach, FarmdocDAILY

Op-Ed | Letter: AI Regulation Could Stifle Life-Saving Medical Advancements By Jeremy Straub, InForum

Op-Ed | Artificial Intelligence May Change Labor Market but Doesn't Need to Cause Long-Term HarmBy Jeremy Straub, Fox News

Article | NDSU Research Examines the Global Grain and Oilseed Market Implications of the Russia-Ukraine War By Sandro Steinbach, NDSU Extension

Op-Ed | We Need A Better Solution to Problems Like TikTok By Jeremy Straub, DC Journal

Op-Ed | Algorithmic Disgorgement is Bad for Science and Society By Jeremy Straub, Lawfare

Op-Ed | The Growing Cyber Threats of Generative AI: Who's Accountable? By Zahid Anwar and Zia Muhammad, Dark Reading

Op-Ed | How Brands in the Spotlight Can Navigate Boycotts By Ahmad Al Asady and Chris Groening, The Hill

Op-Ed | The Education Fallout of COVID-19 in North Dakota and Beyond By Oudom Hean and Parker Jabas, The Bismarck Tribune

Challey Spotlight: Marin Roragen 

Radio Interview | NDSU's Jeremy Straub on Artificial Intelligence ft. Jeremy Straub, Prairie Public Main Street

Op-Ed | To Improve Railroad Safety, Set Standards Not Methods By John Bitzan, Washington Examiner

Op-Ed | Invest in the Future with Student-Managed Funds By Ahmad Al Asady, Times Higher Education

Op-Ed | Can AI Write 'Ted Lasso'? Writers Strike May Open Door to ChatGPT-written Scripts

By Jeremy Straub, USA Today

Challey Spotlight: Dr. Raymond March

Challey Spotlight: Amma Agyekum

Press Release | Entrepreneur to discuss prosperity for Africa

Article | Capitalism and Socialism: Toward a Common Understanding
By John Bitzan in Profectus Magazine

Joint Release | North Dakota has a strong business climate

Op-Ed | An Economics Lesson on Tax Reform
By Jeremy Jackson in The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead

Article | Pandemics and Liberty: An Introduction
By Raymond J. March and Ryan M. Yonk in American Institute for Economic Research

Op-Ed | Trouble in the Metaverse—Whatever That Is
By Jeremy Straub in Dakota Digital Review

Op-Ed | Overlooked Security Challenges in Electric-Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
By Asad Waqar Malik and Zahid Anwar in Dakota Digital Review

Op-Ed | The FDA Could Easily Solve the Baby Formula Shortage by Allowing More Imports from Europe
By Raymond J. March and Glenn Furton in Fortune

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