We host events to promote engaging ideas on campus and in our community.

Fall 2023 Events

AI Anywhere and Everywhere | November 30

The Challey Institute is pleased to present an all-day event on Artificial Intelligence. 

Event Topics:  

  • AI in Education  
    • Panelists: Dominic Rosch-Grace (NDSU Computer Science), Jennifer Brandle (NDSU), Andrew Stark (NDSU), Ben Bernard (NDSU School of Design, Art and Architecture), Todd Pringle (John Deere & 701 Fund)  
    • Watch Recording Here
  • AI in Society 
    • Panelists: Danielle Hanson (NDSU Computer Science), Cherrell Woodley (Entrepreneur/Entertainer), Francis Martinson (Microsoft), Patrick McCloskey (NDUS Dakota Digital Review), Jerry Rostad (NDUS & Fargo Park Board) 
    • Watch Recording Here
  • AI Regulation 
    • Panelists: Jeremy Straub (NDSU Computer Science), Scott Meyer (Chipp.AI), Dominic Rosch-Grace (NDSU Computer Science), Zia Muhammad (NDSU Computer Science), Ahmad Al Asady (NDSU College of Business) 
    • Watch Recording Here
  • AI and Professions 
    • Panelists: Ben Bernard (NDSU School of Design, Art and Architecture), Rob Ashe (Avanade), Atif Mohammad (Global Technology Solutions), Ty Pritchard (JLG Architects), Brett Knecht (Ag World Support Systems) 
    • Watch Recording Here
  • AI and Human Flourishing 
    • Panelists: Jeremy Straub (NDSU Computer Science), Todd Pringle (John Deere & 701 Fund), Elsa Bernard (NDSU Computer Science), Anthony DeFoe (NDSU Computer Science) 
    • Watch Recording Here

September 14

David Bobb | President, Bill of Rights Institute

October 17
Robert Lawson | Clinical Professor, Jerome Fullinwider Centennial Chair in Economic Freedom, Southern Methodist University 

Benjamin Powell | Executive Director of the Free Market Institute and Professor of Economics at Texas Tech University

November 14

Ian Rowe | Founder of Vertex Partnership Academies and Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

Seminars on Fridays from 10-11 a.m. in Beckwith Recital Hall
Health Care

September 1
Raymond March | Assistant Professor of Economics, North Dakota State University, Topic: FDA Regulation, Unintended Consequences, and Solutions

September 22 
Alicia Plemmons | Assistant Professor of General Business, Research Fellow at the Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation, West Virginia University, Topic: Rural Health Care Access in North Dakota: Unlocking the Potential of Health Care Providers

Economic Opportunity for Native Americans

October 6
Thomas Stratmann | University Professor of Economics and Law, George Mason University, Topic: Enhancing the Business Climate and Incentivizing Business Development on North Dakota Indian Reservations

October 20
Lorraine Davis | Founder and CEO, Native American Development Center, Topic: Economic Opportunity and Flourishing for Native Americans in North Dakota

The Fight for Freedom

November 3
Eric Kohn | Director of Marketing and Communications, Acton Institute and Frances Hui | first Hong Kong activist to receive political asylum in the U.S., Topic: The Hong Konger: Jimmy Lai’s Extraordinary Struggle for Freedom

November 17
Robert Anthony Peters | Actor, Director, and Writer, Topic: Tank Man: The Story of the Unknown Man Who Defined Resistance to Tyranny for a Generation


You can find videos of our past events and speakers here



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