Student Programs

Expanding knowledge and opportunities beyond the classroom.

Mancur Olson Scholars

The Mancur Olson Scholars program, named after North Dakota native and NDSU alum Mancur Olson, is a semester-long interdisciplinary learning and scholarship program.

Each semester, we host reading groups for students to explore a topic through books and peer discussion. This program is open to all NDSU undergraduate students who meet the eligibility requirements. Reading groups enhance the university experience by helping students explore important ideas, engage in civil discussion, and develop scholarly skills. 

Student Travel Scholarship

The Student Travel Scholarship provides funds for students to travel to conferences, seminars, workshops or other educational programs related to the PCPE mission.

This scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students of all majors. Applications are accepted throughout the year and decided on a rolling basis. A list of suggested events is provided here. Attending national and regional conferences is an excellent way to build connections, expand your knowledge, present research, and discover new passions.



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