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Commencement Attire (Cap, Gown, Tassel, Hood)

Gown and mortarboard cap or tam are required academic apparel and are available for purchase from the NDSU Bookstore. Contact the Bookstore at 701-231-7761 or 800-428-8309, or visit the NDSU Bookstore web site for more information.

In addition to traditional commencement apparel, students may wear the following cultural adornments:

    • American Indian students can wear any of several pieces of traditional American Indian regalia including an eagle feather attached to their mortar board representing honesty, truth, courage and wisdom; beadwork representing their tribe; cultural designs on top of the mortar board, or traditional outfits under their gown.

    • Woven cloths representing traditional patterns and designs (no written words without prior permission) signifying a graduate’s cultural heritage, religious affiliation, or affinity with underrepresented groups may be worn during the commencement ceremony. Examples include but are not limited to kente stoles, serape stoles, LGBTQ+ stoles and/or lavender cords, and first generation cords (identified by blue and white cords).

    • Hawaiian and Polynesian leis made from flower, vines, or leaves may be worn by students leaving NDSU as symbols of good luck, affection, and appreciation.

Students have the option to purchase a Stole of Gratitude as a way to thank people who have helped them in their educational journey.  Students wear the stole for the ceremony and then present the stole to a person who provided extraordinary support, which in turn helped turn their dream into reality. The Stole of Gratitude can be purchased at the NDSU Bookstore.

Academic Record, Transcript, and Diploma

For questions regarding graduation requirements, including degree progress and academic honors, contact your Degree and Records Analyst (Undergraduate students) or the College of Graduate and Interdisciplinary Studies (Graduate students).

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